Shit just got real

Thursday evening our licensing specialist came to the house and the process of becoming licensed began. Mainly she gave us pamphlets and we signed a whole lot of paperwork.

We have a stack of more paperwork to fill out, a bunch of papers to round up, and a whole checklist of things to get ready in the next few weeks. Our interviews will begin in about 2 weeks. If we can get into the class, then our training will begin next Thursday evening. I will go get my fingerprinting done on Monday, and I will be taking my application for a new card over to the social security office. Oops. I will totally take knitting with me!

Our marriage license should be here by the end of the week. I have certified copies of my birth certificate already. The Man has it one step easier as his name never changed. I hyphenated when we married, so mine did change.

The mobile vet came to take care of exams and shots for the turd herd on Friday ( Marge the cat gets terribly upset and carsick at vet time, so this is better for him). A large box of smoke detectors, a fire ladder, and two more CO detectors arrived today. We obviously have those things but need more for licensing. I have begun to price out baby furniture and gear and to tweak the baby list I sort of set up two years ago when we first began this convoluted path to becoming parents. I made it facebook public that we are planning to foster and possibly adopt. And this all feels real now.


2 thoughts on “Shit just got real

  1. Jenn (jenn2014) says:

    Hey There! Wanted to see if you have any updates? I keep checking in. We just turned in all our homestudy paperwork and are waiting the call to schedule the interviews for the homestudy. I’ve been thinking about you! Hope things are going well!

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