So the HCG trigger did indeed give my ovary a nudge. I set the follicle free on Friday,  a good three days earlier than I would normally in a medicated cycle.

So now it’s down to the one week wait. I didn’t test the HCG out daily, I gave it a test a few days ago and it was still coming up positive. So who knows? I am being pretty loosey-goosey with all things fertility right now. Temping, and doing progesterone pods, but not meditating daily, not doing yoga (which I do actually want to do, I need to get on that)and just kinda seeing what happens.

And things have moved on the adoption front as well. We have moved from applying to be foster parents to now being licensed. Our application has been accepted and now it all gets moving. The home study begins in just under two weeks. We will have so many things to fix and to buy and organize and OH MY GOD.

They might let me be somebody’s mom!


4 thoughts on “Hurdles

  1. Jenn (jenn2014) says:

    Wow! Awesome to hear it’s moving so fast! We just completed our required seminar for our agency and now we are waiting for an interview. After that we’ll find out if we’re accepted to work with the agency. So hopefully within a few weeks. If it’s a go, we’ll start on our homestudy too! Every where I look around this house I see something we need to fix, clean, rearrange, lock up (cleaning products, etc). We also have a book’s worth of paperwork to do. The bonus of fostering is you’ll probably get placement very quickly! Do you have an age range you’re accepting? Because we’re with a private agency, after the homestudy is done we’ll have a couple months to finish the rest of our stuff and then we’ll enter the pool. After that we wait…and wait…and waiiiitttttt. I guess I’m pretty used to waiting by now though! ha. Can’t wait to hear your updates! Good luck on this cycle too, fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. The cycle was a bust and that’s OK. I think it’s just time to hang up my thermometer. At least for now. I am definitely on a break while we focus on this stuff. We need to hanve some handrails installed on two stairways, add in more fire safety stuff, I’d like another fire extinguisher in the basement since I already have one in the pantry. and I’d like to have new shelves built in the broom closet to keep cleaning stuff a bit higher up. All that good stuff.
    We will be licensed for birth to 5 years.

    It’s so exciting. Scary, but not as scary as TTC was, I think. And I know this is challenging. But , I don’t know, I think we are prepared for a challenge. Life is challenging.

  3. Jenn (jenn2014) says:

    That’s ok, I check your blog for updates now and then so I didn’t miss it. I just read your newest post and got goosebumps for you!! How exciting that things are moving. Isn’t it nice that there are lists of tangible things to do to prepare!? So opposite of TTC. We go in for our “official” interview (2 hours) next week with our agency, and if we’re accepted we dive directly in to homestudy prep. Even though it’s an overwhelming amount of stuff, at least it’s stuff I can do, not just sitting around hoping. I’m relieved to have something to do. At least until we get into the pool and can officially be chosen, which will be a lot more waiting. But at least I feel like it’s a matter of when and not if, and that feels soooo good to me. The stress of TTC was all-consuming and sort of makes me feel nauseous even thinking about now. The way I look at it now is that if we miraculously get pg somehow it’s just the cherry on a hopefully already delicious sundae, but I’m totally cool with the sundae. I’m allergic to cherries anyway. 🙂 Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds for you, especially because it will so much faster than mine and I can live vicariously.

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