Well, this is new

I had a midcycle ultrasound today to see how I am responding to letrozole with one functional tube. As usual, I had good looking follicles on both sides. But we want the right one to mature and bust out first. So I had my first HCG trigger shot this morning before I left the clinic. I almost escaped, but the doctor caught me in the lobby to say we should try it.

And hell, what’s another $200 on the pile, right?

According to my labs and age and the whole shebang I should be a terrible responder. But I get very good results with the letrozole. Always 1-2 large follicles with several other smaller ones that won’t mature in time. Good sized ones, and a good not too thick uterine lining. And even though we did need to induce last cycle, I still only needed 5 days of the Provera to make it happen. My actual experience is at odds with how it is all supposed to be. This is so typical for me. So typical.


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